Centennial United Methodist Church was established in 1836 and was the first religious congregation organized in Rockford. They’ve shared God’s love over 178 years and have followed the steps of the “circuit riders” who were persistent and passionate preachers. Centennial contributed to the formation of several other churches in town as a “mother church.”

After 165 years worshipping in a beautiful building on S. Second Street, the church decided in April 2013 to make the Broadway Street (which used to be Broadway UMC) its permanent home due to several issues with the building that were unable to be resolved. It was a major decision process, but thanks to God the members of Centennial have continued as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Centennial now meets and develops its ministries at 1503 Broadway in Rockford.

Centennial is now a diverse and multicultural community with a strong sense of mission and outreach through the Saturday’s Kids Club, ESL (English as a Second language), the Children & Youth Program and the Hispanic Ministry.